ByVac 20x4 IASI-2 Serial LCD module Custom Graphics Tool


This "wizard" (to download) will assist in designing custom graphics for the ByVac 20x4 IASI-2 Serial LCD module with a PICAXE Microcontroller

Choose the character number you want to design between 1 and 7 (character 0 doesn't work with the LCD display for some reason) from the drop down list at the top right hand corner of the designer tool. Click on the squares to 'light up' the appropriate pixels.

Press the 'Copy' button to copy the required PICAXE code to the clipboard. It can then be pasted into your program in the PICAXE Programmer/Editor.

If the Include setup code checkbox is checked, the code required to set up the PICAXE hserout port and the code to initialize the LCD module will also be copied to the clipboard.

The two radio buttons (White on Blue and Yellow on Green) only change the appearance in the designer tool to give an idea what the character will look like on the display. There isn't any magical code to change the colour of the actual LCD display, unfortunately!

The designer produces code for the PICAXE hserout command rather than serout because the LCD display's minimum baud rate is 9600 Bd and this would mean using the PICAXE setfreq in order to wind up the chip's baud rate sufficiently. Since this can have knock-on effects on other commands, I felt it easier (and safer) to use hserout.

The designer disables hserin in the hsersetup command. The LCD module can provide some feedback (such as software version and error codes) but, in normal use, it isn't really required and disabling hserin should free up the PICAXE pin for another use. hserin can easily be re-enabled by removing the '1' in the hsersetup command, ie, hsersetup B9600_4, %0      ;Enable hserin

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