The Radio Shack

Some of the equipment in my own radio shack...

In the centre below my cat (no doubt keeping an ear open for Einstein!), the 2m/70cms transceiver.

Below, to the left, the HF transceiver and Antenna Tuning Unit (more coils and capacitors!).

Directly below the 2m/70cms transceiver, 70cms and 2m separates which go in the car.

To the right of the 2m/70cms transceiver, the oscilloscope I used to take the waveform shots in this how-radio-works guide.

To the right of the cat, the shack clock synchronised by radio to MSF Rugby (UK), a wideband scanner receiver and a 6m/2m/70cm hand-held transceiver.

For more information on Amateur Radio, why not visit The Radio Society of Great Britain website.