Fixed LAN IP Address - Informing The Router

Informing The Modem/Router

Once you've set up the fixed LAN IP address in the computer, you need to let the modem/router know about it in order to the tell the modem/router not to issue the IP address to another computer.

Log into the modem/router as usual and select LAN IP Setup from the Advanced menu. Under Address Reservation, click the Add button.

Fixed In the table, we need to set the range of IP addresses available to the modem/router's DHCP server. Since we've used and, the next available address, which we set in the Starting IP address box, is


Leave the Use Router as DHCP Server checkbox checked: Any time you want to add an "ad hoc" computer to your LAN, provided its TCP/IP properties are set to Obtain IP address automatically, the modem/router will oblige with an IP address when asked but will never dynamically assign or


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