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AprsbeaconAmateur Radio location beaconradio/Ham   
AudiostreamInternet audio streaming via httpinternet/ AudioNetwork 
BitCalcBitrate calculator for burning DVD'sother/ Video Other
BPQ32instPacket Radio BPQ Node Software Installerradio/Ham   
CPU-UsageVery basic CPU usage monitorother/   Other
HamCalcCollection of Ham and Electronics calculatorsradio/Ham  Other
HTML-EditWYSIWYG HTML editorinternet/  Network 
HTTP-ServerHTTP Server (Archive. No longer supported)files/  Network 
iCam BasicSimple webcam software with automatic webpage updatevideo/ VideoNetworkTutorial
IP-LookupMonitors Internet IP and updates webpagesinternet/  Network 
IP-RefreshMonitors Internet IP and updates webpages (Archive)files/  Network 
MediaMasterFull-blown media streaming encoderinternet/ BothNetwork 
Mini-ServerrBasic http server with support for PHPmoreinternet/  Network 
MJPEG-CamMJPEG Security Recorder & Playermjpeg/ VideoNetworkSecurity
Morse MachineMorse tutor using pc speakerradio/Ham   
MorseGenMorse callsign generator for use with packet radio soundcardsradio/Ham   
MorseMaker2Morse tutor with soundcard optionradio/Ham   
NetworkGraphNetwork monitoring, graph-plotting, webservermoreinternet/  Network 
ParaPort3Hardware controller/programmer using the PC parallel portradio/Ham  Other
PhotoMotionVideo motion detection and captureother/ Video Other
Ping GraphInternet ping plotting application with web servermoreinternet/  Network 
QuickCamVideo security with motion detection and streamingmoreinternet/ VideoNetwork 
RouterStatsLine monitor for ADSL with Netgear routersinternet/  Network 
RouterStats-LitePlug 'n'Play line monitor for several different routersinternet/  Network 
ScreenCaptureCapture screen at regular intervals.other/   Other
SD Card/MP3 File SorterList and print MP3 files in play orderother/   Other
SlideShow IIImage viewer with playlists.other/   Other
TimeLineVideo timelapse captureother/ Video  
VidGrabImage capture softwareinternet/ VideoNetworkOther
VidStreamVideo-only network streaminginternet/ VideoNetwork 
WebMasterFull-blown web server, Video capture, IP-refresh and Time checkinternet/ VideoNetwork 
WebStreamMotion detection security application with USB hardware controlmoreinternet/ VideoNetwork 

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