Fixed LAN IP Address - Informing The Router

Informing The Modem/Router

Once you've set up the fixed LAN IP address in the computer, you need to let the modem/router know about it for two reasons. Firstly, so the modem/router knows the computer could be on the network and, secondly, the tell the modem/router not to issue the IP address to another computer.

Log into the modem/router as usual and click the Basic button. This time, select Dhcp from the list on the left. The following window will appear:

Fixed In the bottom table (Table of fixed host entries), Enter the MAC Address and the fixed LAN IP Address that we've set for the computer and press the Add button. (Note that the Mentor modem/router calls the MAC Address the 'Ethernet address').

Some modem/routers are smart enough to discover the MAC address for you so, if that's the case, you'd just need to confirm that it's associated with the correct computer & LAN IP address.

Here, I've added two computers with fixed LAN IP addresses of and so the next available address would be

In the top table (General DHCP parameter), set the DHCP Start IP to the next available - in our case here,

Note that the top table also contains the two DNS server entries we found earlier. The modem/router should already have those addresses entered. Leave the Trigger DHCP service radio button as Enabled: Any time you want to add an "ad hoc" computer to your LAN, provided its TCP/IP properties are set to Obtain IP address automatically, the modem/router will oblige with an IP address when asked.

When you've finished adding entries, click the Finish button and then Save & Restart.


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